Sunday, March 28, 2010

Well, this is a Happy/Sad state of affairs...

You may have noticed that there was no new episodes of "The Real X Files" last weekend or this weekend. I've been trying to post an episode every week (with the exception of the past two weekends I would be out of town and away from my dolls.)

Last weekend, I realized, "Holy Cow! There's only a week and a half before Script Frenzy begins and I need to work on my "script bible"!" If you don't know what Script Frenzy is - it's the sister contest of NaNoWrimo (National Novel Writing Month), except that you write a 100 page script or play. Well, okay, I had already shot last weeks pictures for "The Real X Files" and I figured, okay, I'll start writing some notes for ideas and then I'll get back to posting the story. No such luck. I was more tired than I realized from my trip, and well, last week's episode didn't get posted. Sorry about that.

And then I was going to post it during the week, but then something else came up - it looks like I might have to MOVE. And no, I'm not happy about it as it means I will be putting the dolls (among other things) into storage for the foreseeable future. Did I mention that I have nearly 200 dolls and did I mention all the crap -- uh, "accessories" --- I have for them? And now I have to pack every last diorama and diorama item up and make sure they are secure and not get lost? Can you see where I might want to scream and throw things, especially since this move is NOT my idea? Okay, I think you get the picture.

ALSO (we're back to the "happy" part here), I'm writing a steampunk story that I'm hoping to have finished by the end of this week -- no, strike that -- it will be finished by the end of this week! And I'm going to be sending that out, as well as doing Script Frenzy this month.

The upshot? There will be ONE last episode of "The Real X Files" and then dolls get packed away until who knows when. I won't even be able to finish the story because of all the other things I'm doing, which makes me sad, but at the same time, I'm glad to have the chance to have my writing published and to become an honest to god PAID writer. And then maybe I won't be so upset about moving. (I don't mind moving when it's MY idea, but this? Just... NO. I don't want to go into details, but suffice it to say that I'm pissed at certain members of my family who let it come to this.)

Doll Nation will continue for as long as I have some dolls and doll related things out and about.

I'm cross posting this to the Doll Nation Network site. Thank you.

Monday, March 15, 2010

From Speed Racer to Vamp Ken!

(Welcoming Evette to the list of followers! Thanks!)

Well, I'm back from visiting my friends, and, no, I did not find Jonathan Adler Barbie. However, I'm not upset as I did find a lot of cool stuff that I will be blogging about in the next few days, so I'm happy.

One of the things I did get was this wonderful Speed Racer Ken that I ordered from a member of In the Pink before I left for my birthday tour (hee):

Not bad; but I'm just not getting a "Speed Racer" vibe from this doll... could he be Goth Ken in disguise?

I got him because someone on In The Pink had him as the new father for the Happy Family Neighbors, and I thought "Cool! He can be one of the husbands of my dolls!"

But --- as you can see, MY Speed Racer is way too young looking to be anyone's dad. So I decided to put him in my Doll Nation University story as another student.

As I kept looking at him, I said to myself, "Gee, he's awfully pale. Maybe he's a goth? That would be so cool!" So I set out to find him something gothish to wear.

I found a pair of black leather trousers from the Ken Fashion Avenue outfit #56873 (I call that outfit "Punk Rock Concert" since it doesn't have a name.) Liam from the Flavas line has been hogging that outfit, but screw that! Speedy had to have it!

No drooling, folks! He's brooding and sensitive and, oh yeah, smokin' HAWT!!!

Hubba hubba! Mwrowr! Well, there's nothing like a pair of black leather trousers to bring out the HAWT in a guy! Oh yeah! I was definitely seeing "hot, brooding vampire" now instead of "Speed Racer"!

(If it's wrong to drool over a plastic guy, then I don't wanna be right! Hee!)

Oh, Bratz - how I miss your Not!Pink furniture and accessories... sniffle! sob!

I had bought this Bratz "Funky Fashion Furniture" set while on my trip at Big Lots. It was eight bucks and I consider it money well spent. It's called "Element", which features a fire theme (I guess "Hell" would have been a little too controversial - but it seems the logical name since there is a "Heaven" set according to the back of the box:

Wait a minute! Who's that wine for? Because we know that he doesn't drink... wine.....

Anyway, I got the set BEFORE even seeing Speedy. (He arrived after I had already left on my trip.) But as soon as I saw this set I was like, "OMG! I must have this for my goth dolls!" (Nevermind that I didn't have any goth dolls when I got it - I was going to create some!) And let's face it - this was too good to pass up at eight bucks!

As you can see, this set makes a nice little gothy setup. I added the "marble" flooring, and some pillows (including one with flames from a Bratz Boyz outfit pak), the Barbie Party Pad fireplace, Re-ment red wine, Barbie tray, some craft roses and a repainted Barbie vase. The only thing I kept for the vanity (it was filled with girly cosmetics) was the black hairbrush. Oh, that table looking thing is supposed to be a stand for the Bratz, but screw that! It screamed "coffee table" to me!

Ken is sitting there wearing the duster from movie premiere Ken from the 1 Modern Circle line. With his dark hair and pale skin, he really looks good in jewel tones.... except that now he looks more VAMP Ken than "goth" Ken! Which makes him even hotter, with the vaguely "Angel/Angelus" vibe he's giving off right now...

Susie (Sassy): Why is there only one glass of wine? Vamp!Ken: I never

As you can see, the ladies are already flocking to Vamp!Ken. I really need to find a name for him - I was going to call him Liam because that's Angel's real name in the series, but I already have Liam from the Flavas dolls, and I can't call him William (which Liam is the diminutive) because William is Spike's real name. (Did Joss Whedon realize he was naming two Buffyverse characters the same name?) And since I hope to have both Angel and Spike dolls some day, so I can't call him those names either.

***Oh no! Will Susie be the vampire's first victim... err, date?***

Vamp!Ken: Have I told you how delicious you look tonight?

Guh. Can't say that I blame her for falling... uh, victim... to his embrace.

Then, I got the idea that my Gwen doll (I was thinking of making some Torchwood dollies, but screw that! Let's make some goth/vamp dolls!) would be perfect for a vamp girlfriend, but alas! She looks a little bit more mature, so I've made her Vamp! Ken's hot Vamp!Mommy.

Luckily for Suzie that Mommy came in! She sent Suzie packing, and here she is reading her son the riot act about bringing home nubile co-eds for dinner...

Vamp!Ken: Aww, Mom, you're no fun! Vamp!Mommy: Now, darling, Mother knows best!

I think I've got the makings for a new story. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy Birthday, Barbie!

(Yeah, I'm not into the pretty pink princess look, but this is kinda cool! )

['s my birthday too, yeah!]

You can't believe how thrilled I was when I found out Barbie and I shared the same birthday - there has to be some kind of law that adults aren't allowed to be that thrilled to find out that they share their birthday with a... well, what's just a hunk of plastic to the rest of the world.

But you know what? Screw the rest of the world! I LOVE BARBIE!!!

Normally, I'd be taking a ton of birthday diorama pics right now, but I'm nowhere near my dolls. I'm visiting some friends and the only Barbie here is the one I brought my friend. I'd take a picture of her, but alas, she's nekkid. We're going to hit the thrift stores this week to find her some clothes.

We're also off later to Tuesday Morning to see if I can score the Jonathan Adler Barbie. Yes, I've finally surrendered. I MUST have her, now that she's reasonably priced at 25 bucks. Pics later if I can find her, otherwise, be prepared for a looong, moaning rant. You have been warned.

Fingers crossed. Wish me luck.

Oh, were you expecting some long rant on the cultural significance of Barbie, on this, her birthday? Man, you came to the wrong blog! Ha!