Monday, September 13, 2010

More Fun With Erasers!

My boss decided to "enable" my collection by giving me these erasers the other day - they are the COOLNESS!!!

Most are going to the Barbies, like the smaller sushi pieces and the veggies (with the exception of the carrot), but the larger pieces are going to my bigger dolls like the Tonners and the 18 inch BFC Ink dolls (well, DOLL since I only have one so far!)

I decided to make an impromptu display of the cake erasers I had so far using some erasers I'd gotten earlier this year--

Hee! Looks like I'll have enough cakes to start my own eraser cake bake sale soon!

My boss mentioned that she got them from the Christmas Tree Shops, so I decided that I would head over there on Sunday to see if they had any other erasers that I'd want. She also mentioned that she got them for the ASTOUNDING price of seven cents apiece cause they were 90% off! Well, whoo hoo! Nothing like a bargain to really make me go look for something!

So off I went to the Christmas Tree Shops, and I went back to the area she said she'd found the erasers. After digging around for awhile, these are the erasers that I found:

I got the "Big Sushi" because they'd be perfect for my BFC Ink Calista (and I love the little tray they come on!) The ice cream cone and sundae from the second set are her size as well, and of course, the carrot from the veggie set. (Yay! Now I have two carrots!) Also, that slice of pizza should work for her as well. And of course, more Barbie sized cakes and veggies.

After the Christmas Tree Shops, I decided to hit some of the craft stores in the area. I knew from my friend Lady Rhian that she had gotten some of the erasers from my last post at A.C. Moore, so I decided I'd go there. But first, I went to Michael's to see if they had anything I wanted. I found out they were having a 40% off sale on their scrapbook paper (more on that in a later post), but I also found a set of Crazerasers that have been my holy grail since I first saw them...

That's right - the cereal set of Crazerasers with the "gallon" of milk! I have wanted this set SOOO BAD since I first saw it, and now I have two!

And of course, to celebrate the finding of this set, I had to make an impromptu scene featuring them:

That's Hermione enjoying the taste of "Crazy O's" cereal. And with a glass of juice, it's part of a complete (dolly) breakfast!

Grandma enjoys a large slice of homemade bread, slathered with homemade grape preserves! Yummy! And with coffee and juice, it's part of a complete breakfast -uh, maybe!

OH!!! I forgot to mention I got some loose erasers back at the Christmas Tree Shops - turns out the packaging isn't too tight, and they tend to fall open. So I got these loose pieces for a discount (not seven cents a piece, but still...)

That's Darren having a "Big Gulp" and some cake in his dorm room. (Watch out for that "Freshman Twenty", Darren! )

So I finally got over to A.C. Moore where I didn't find more of the sushi erasers - however, I did find an unusual set of Crazerasers:

And YES --- that brown item is EXACTLY what you think it is -- a DOODY!!!


Well... it DOES lend itself to some interesting dolly scenes:

"MOMMY!!! Princess made a boo-boo!!!"

...and on that, ahem, note, let's end this post!!!


  1. I just got one of those crazerasers the other day with the toothbrushes and two mugs in it. They're so adorable!

  2. Those are really great. I have to find some for myself.