Saturday, January 9, 2010

Catching up with the Happy Family!

This picture (left) is from last Christmas -man, the Happy Family mom looks like how I feel today!

Love the Happy Family dolls that came out a few years ago - although I admit that the "mother" and "father" in my version are NOT the dolls that were in the series. I didn't think they were that attractive - I never bought the mom and the dad eventually went (back) to the thrift store, but I kept the kids. Grandma doesn't look like she minds! Mom was a teacher barbie that came with a baby "student" and a lot of school accessories. Someday I will make the dolly daycare I have in mind when I have more room!

I promised a holiday pic for each day of the week for the first week of 2010 - whoops! so much for resolutions!

Anyway, back to these dolls --> the Happy Family AA grandparents are awesome, as are their Caucasian counterparts. It's nice to have dolls of all ages and sizes. Happy Family Grandma is a bit wider in the hips than her daughter - it makes it harder to find nice clothes for them but who says everyone has to be the same size? Her nightie was a thrift store find in a baggie with duplicate outfits (yes, I have a duplicate of this nightie!)

I love the kitchen playset the grandparents came in - it makes a great display! I now have mine permamently open on a shelf. I added items from a couple of other kitchen sets - the wall behind Grandpa is from one (can't remember the name!) and the table and chairs he's sitting at comes from a Barbie dining room set. I love the unknown wall set because of the fireplace - I just love the idea of a kitchen having a fireplace. And you can just barely see it in the pic, but I used "stone" scrapbook paper for the floor! The table and chairs is because I wanted to accomodate more dolls in the kitchen!

Re-ment has some great food sets and things for decorating a kitchen, so the granparents are going to have the coziest kitchen imaginable! There's even a set with those little apple wall decorations my grandparents had!

Okay, I admit it - this playset just takes me back to all those wonderful times I spent in my own grandparents kitchen, eating wonderful food and not worrying about calories or cholesterol! It's probably all idealized (well, except for my grandmama's cooking - she was DA BOMB, baby! when it came to cooking!), but then what happy memory isn't?

These days, even your dolls can have tasty food - the pancakes you see are from Missy's Minis on eBay. Like miniature artists, these days, collectors in 1/6th scale have artists who make wonderful items.

It's a good time to make dioramas!

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