Monday, January 18, 2010

Finally! I have Sassy!

As you can see, Suzie (aka Sassy Fashionista) finally arrived! Target got her AND Fashionista Ken in stock, and I got both of them for $9.99 each! Yay! Here, Sassy has taken over the blue dorm room as her own and is catching up on the newspaper since classes are out for the holiday.

I love the Fashionistas! They are possibly the most fun to play with of all the new Mattel dolls! So poseable!

The other dolls I want to get right now are the Rocawear S.I.S. (So In Style) dolls - they aren't as articulated as the Fashionistas but they are bendy (jointed arms and I think, legs), and right now, I'm in the mood to create a college themed land for my dolls. I imagine they attend Doll Nation University, and go to classes and hang out at the coffee shop and sushi parlor. (Well, they would hang out at the sushi parlor if a million storage boxes weren't blocking it!) I'm going to dig out the rest of the Teen Skipper Trendy Loft furniture so they'll have somewhere to sit!

PS: How much fun do I have with these dolls? Well, here's Ken showing off his moves in front of the ladies! What a ham!

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