Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Down and Dirty 2009 Top Five - #1!

That's right - here it is:

Drum roll, please...

#1 - Fashionista Artsy from Mattel!
Can you tell why I put this doll at Number One for 2009? That little hand peeking around the pillow should tell you - these girls have ARTICULATION!

And for $11.99 - half the price of an Integrity Dynamite Girl (and one third as much when you factor in shipping costs!) Mattel really scored big with these girls, and I consider myself LUCKY to get Artsy since, once again, the AA doll was short packed! (WTF Mattel?) And I'm still kicking myself for not getting Fashionista Sassy when I got this beauty because these dolls are SOLD OUT everywhere around here!

Here's hoping there's a second wave of these girls in 2010 - I would love to have a darker skinned AA doll in the line, and another brunette doll (Asian?) and a redhead instead of FOUR blondes next time around! (Again, WTF Mattel?)

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