Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year's Eve!

After letting this blog lie fallow for nearly a year, I've decided that I need my own place to post my thoughts on dolls and to post pics. I've been disappointed with several of the doll groups I've joined - one only insists that fashion dolls (HIGH fashion dolls, as in HIGH in price) are the only ones worth noticing. The second, which I thought would be more democratic, decides that everyone has to post under their REAL name, even though the board owner doesn't. (Hypocritical, much?) Right now, I'm posting under my initials - sorry, but I don't give out my real name to anyone unless I have to. Why? Because this is the internet, that's why, with all sorts of crazy stalkers and crap! Hello! Sorry if someone wanted those Kellys I won, but your doll group is not worth having someone use my real name to look up my street addy (and this has happened; luckily it turned out to be someone my family knew from back in the day, but still...)

But anyway, you didn't come here to read my rant about doll groups - you came to see DOLLS! And as you can see, I like to make dioramas for my dolls - this is the latest one. Not my best one, but I was working with some budget constraints (as in "no money after the holidays") and I think it turned out pretty good considering. In the upcoming days, I will be posting some more holiday themed diorama pics for your enjoyment.

In the meantime, have a Happy New Year and here's hoping that you find the dolls of your dreams and have the money to buy them!


The Ladies

Malibu Christie

Hawaiian Barbie

Malibu P.J.

The Gentlemen

Live Action Ken

Malibu Ken

Diorama Items

Bar from the Best Friends House

Gloria palm trees, champagne with cooler and glasses

wicker chairs from the thrift store (collected over time)

Brick scrapbook paper, flowers and pots from Michael's and Jo-anne's

railing from one of the Barbie (80s) folding houses

Handmade (by me!) hors d'oeuvres from Fimo

folding screen frame from the thrift store

"Happy New Year" sign from Miniatures magazine (2002?)

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