Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Down and Dirty 2009 Top Five - #2!

#2 - Barbie Basics!

Mattel was batting .750 this year with their dolls (they would have had a perfect score from me if they hadn't canceled Sugar Daddy Ken from the Silkstone line - the first good looking Silkstone male and they cancel it because some idiots outside the doll world objected to the name - GET OVER IT!)

Anyway, Mattel decided to appeal to the high fashion crowd with these dolls, with their basic black outfits and model poise. The bodies aren't new - they're an extension of last year's "Top Model" line and the "Best Models" line of a couple of years back, but this time, Mattel made an effort to put them in regular toy stores like TRU so that buyers didn't have to go through a doll seller - and AMEN to that! Because that gave me more money not only to buy this beauty but ALSO one of the three accessories sets!

At $24.99 they are more expensive than the regular Barbie line, but they are so worth it in terms of quality. The ten dolls out now are gorgeous - well, okay, the brunettes are. Once again, there are too many damned blondes in the line, and what's worse? They're face molds that we've seen before! And again, the AA dolls are short packed - there were NONE in the TRUs I went to (and there are two in my area!)

Number 005, shown here, uses the Lea face mold of days gone by that was used for the Asian dolls in the Barbie line (along with the Kira mold of past days.) She's gorgeous, and since Lea/Kira was one of my favorite dolls in the past, I had to get her and I did! Here she is being looked over by Barbie (right) and Summer (left) in the Black and White Townhouse that I made. It originally belonged to my Silkstones, but the Model Muse body girls claimed it when the Silkies decided to go to Silkstone Manor.

Hopefully, in 2009, I can find some of the AA Barbie Basics as well as acquire some more of the brunettes!

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